Phone / Text: (408) 579-9135

1) Take photo of yourself using your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy or any camera with reasonable proper lighting. 

Example below. 

2) Upload your photos (link below).

3) Send email to with your email address, photo file name, your name, your public profile link such as FB or LinkedIn (this is to verify identity). You may get call from Kavitha Siva to verify your identity.

4) Allow one or two days, you will receive a special link with photos edited like below. Pay 10$ (if you have used white as background) or pay 20$ (if you have used any background, we will change to white) and download 4 x 6 ratio photo, like below.

5) Print in Costco or  CVC, 4 X 6 size for 20 to 30 cents. In a 4 x 6 photo, you will get total of six 2 x 2 passport photos. In most of the  Costco, you can cut the photos yourself using their cutter. Or you may cut the photos yourself using ruler and exacto blade or scissors. 

All done! You got 6 photos for 20 cents. 

The benefits is you can take photos yourself with whatever smile you need. In shop/studio, they don't spend much time for you take nice passport photos.

You can  spend your own time to get great picture. In shop/studio, they don't spend much time for you.

If you know editing, or you friends, you can do it yourself too. If you need our help, we will very happy to for you. We have automated workflow to do this quickly (however, identity verification, few corrections are manual process).

If you are ready, you can upload image using below link and contact us as mentioned in the line 3. 

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